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Five Tips to Truly Improve Your Photography |
  • Friday , 26 February 2021

Five Tips to Truly Improve Your Photography

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These aren’t quick tips about a neat technique or trick. These five tips are for anyone who is in photography for the long haul, whether you’re a passionate amateur or looking to make it your career.

Coming to you from former Fstoppers Photographer of the Month (July 2017) Mads Peter Iversen, this great video will give you five helpful tips for developing as a photographer. Of the five, the most salient for me was learning to shoot with intention. It’s easy (even now after years of practice and training) to point my camera at something that seems like it might make a good image and wait until I get home to edit it into existence, but what I’m essentially doing is hoping I’ll luck into an image instead of truly employing the creative process. I definitely feel prouder and more connected to the act when I actively think through the process of creating the photo while behind the camera beyond just pointing it at something that shows passing novelty. It also helps me to grow as a photographer much more when I can work through a scenario and critique myself. Give the video above a watch for four more great tips. 

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