• Wednesday , 24 May 2017

Four Knots You as Photographer and Filmmaker Must Know

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It’s an ancient art-form, and it’s something you need to know to get your location photography set ready for action. Have you ever needed to put up a scrim while being able to tighten it after the knot’s been made? This video is for the photography and film industry

In the video you are shown what the knots are being used for, and how to tie them. It’ll take you through the Bowline, otherwise known as the king of knots, which is extremely versatile. On set it can be used for securing a large scrim and for hoisting items aloft. The Clove Hitch is a constrictor knot, which means it will tighten under load. The Double Sheet Bend is used to join two ropes of equal or different diameter. The Trucker’s Hitch can be used to secure large frames in windy conditions. 

Knowing how to create different knows is a skill that can save time, make your set safer, and impress your clients if you can add a party trick like the guy does at the beginning of the video. Next time you’re on location, try and count how many times you’ve used ropes and made knots. I bet you would be surprised. Let us know in the comments if there are any knots you think should be added to these four, and where you’ve used them in the past. 

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