High key photography anywhwere (flash photography tips)

use this camera http://amzn.to/18B5DKE
this flash http://amzn.to/WM4Opz
Link to the dish used http://amzn.to/UzMj94
and this lens http://amzn.to/WM45ET
Blog link to more details http://dombowerphoto.blogspot.com/2010/10/high-key-photography-anywhere-flash.html

In this video I show you how you can make High Key images with a couple of speedlights anywhere.
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  2. power of background flash should more than front flash at least 1 or  2 stop, fix shutterspeed at alway sync-speed and fix aperture but change flash power instead.

  3. this is a great set up video for how to shoot on an all-white background strobist style, but lacks any real data for beginners.

    essentially, with this set up your background lights (the lights that blow out your background) will be one stop higher than your subject light.

    so if the flash in the umbrellas on her was reading 5.6, the lights behind her should be at 8.

    you also have to take into account how close the subject is to the wall. if she's too close, you will get a large amount of light wrap and you'll lose sharpness and, essentially, your whole image. hope this helps someone.

  4. oh tough to remember. but think the shutter was at the fastest for sync speed (1/250th) so that any of the disgusting location lights didnt effect the image. and aperture was then changed to get the most amount of light out of the flashes.

  5. Hey Dom I love you videos first off …..now can you answer me this question,I own one flash sb600 can't really afford to many more of them right now lol…so if I were to buy say two yougnuo flashes would they work in slave modes to the sb600?

  6. your built in flash will not have enough power. also a built in flash should mostly just be used as a trigger for off camera flashes (check nikon cls videos) also your buildt in flash cant go behind the subject and light the background and not the foreground.

  7. its to set a custom white balance – either way works – i just shoot the background without the subject as its all blown out anyways. you can use a balance card as well – but that's what gets rid of the fringe colors. you can, in photoshop make a copy of the photo in a new layer go to image blur – "gausian blur" and set the overlay to "color"

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