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Highly Esteemed Photographer Dies the Best Way Possible

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As jarring as it is to acknowledge, we all die. And the manner in which we die is something that many of us have probably contemplated at different times over our lives. For legendary photographer and publisher Allen Margolis, he passed away doing what he loved with those he loved.

They say that the only inevitable things in life are death and taxes. However, if you’re rich enough and well-connected enough then the latter is something you can probably avoid with a little bit of imaginative accounting. So that leaves us with death. It’s not the most pleasant topic but the sad reality is that it happens to all of us at some time. And this week the highly esteemed surf photographer and East Coast Surfing Hall of Fame inductee, Allen Margolis, passed away in his home state of Florida. As sad and shocking as the news was, I was somewhat comforted by the fact that he died out in the ocean, surfing with friends. As his long time friend and co-founder of the highly reputed Eastern Surf Magazine, Dick Meseroll said:

Allen went out the way we’d all hope/dream: riding your last waves out in the ocean among friends

In this day and age of sensationalism and hyperbole, terms such as “legend” and “pioneer” and “respected” are thrown around far too freely, in my opinion. However, in the case of Margolis, they are words that are certainly warranted. Indeed, a simple look at his life’s work and accomplishments are testimony.  He was the co-founder of Eastern Surf Magazine, as well as co-founder of the quarterly Surf magazine. As well as that he co-published Waves of the World and was also inducted into the East Coast Surfing Hall of Fame in 2014. He is perhaps best known for shooting handheld with a hulking Century 650mm lens and getting incredible results when others failed to match him with the use of a tripod. His work was ever-present in magazines of the day and he will always be remembered as someone who had a huge influence over budding surf photographers from that era.

He might not be a household name to people outside the surfing world or even those outside the East Coast, but he will be missed by those who knew him and worked with him.

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