How Good Is the Retro Nikon Z fc Mirrorless Camera?

Nikon’s Z fc mirrorless camera sees the company make a throwback to their film cameras of yesteryear, dropping some of their most modern technology in a body that looks like it stepped out of the 1980s. The camera offers a small and lightweight design and affordable price in tandem with its unique design, making it an interesting option for a variety of applications, and this excellent video review takes a look at the image quality and performance you can expect from it. 

Coming to you from Hyun Ralph Jeong, this awesome video review takes a look at the Nikon Z fc mirrorless camera. The thing about these retro cameras is that such designs are not just aesthetic, they are quite functional. Having exposure controls available to you in such an accessible and tactile way makes it easier to stay connected to the process of creating an image rather than devoting cognitive resources to diving into the menus to change settings. And beyond that, they are simply a lot of fun to shoot with, as many of Fujifilm’s devoted users will attest. Along with the design, the Z fc comes with 4K video and an 11 fps burst rate, giving users a lot of versatility, particularly for a sub-$1,000 camera. Check out the video above for Jeong’s full thoughts on the camera. 

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