How I use Continuous Lighting for Food Photography | Behind the Scenes

This is the third and final video in this series where I explore continuous lighting for food photography and in this video, I take you behind the scenes of how I shoot food photography using a constant light.

UPDATE 9/16/2020: As for the comparison between the picture lit with the godox and the one lit with the fluorescent bulb, I do realize it was unfair to compare them without properly adjusting the white balance on the second photo. Therefore, I’m not claiming for it to be an accurate representation of light quality coming out of both sets of lights. I apologize if it was misleading in any way.

Other than that, I hope this BTS helps!

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Tools highlighted in this video:
Rosco Diffusion Material – (Amazon)
Godox Sl-60W – (Amazon)
Preferred c-stand for the value: (Amazon)

Main camera: (Amazon)
All around lens for my videos: (Amazon)
My favorite lens for food photography: (Amazon)
The tripod I use and recommend: (Amazon)
My choice speedlight: (Amazon)
Profoto Air Remote for Canon: (Amazon)
Best budget speedlight: (Amazon)
Stripbox with grid: (Amazon)
MagBox: (Amazon)
Godox Softbox: (Amazon)
My Main Video Light: (Amazon)
Bracket to mount speedlights: (Amazon)
Favorite brand C-stands: (Amazon)
Adapter to mount camera to c-stand: (Amazon)
Negative Fill Foam Boards: (Amazon)
White Foam Boards: (Amazon)
Clamps: (Amazon)
More clamps: (Amazon)

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