How Lighting Can Change Your Photography Forever.

Today we take a look at How Professional Lighting Will Change Your Photography Forever… feat Freaking MICHAEL MULLER!
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Check Out the BronColor Lights used in this video!!

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Shot on a Canon 1dx mark ii
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30 responses to “How Lighting Can Change Your Photography Forever.”

  1. I have been recently doing headshots with lighting in a controlled enviroment, and for me it is a whole different type of portrait for me. Utilizing the light is a whole different ball game. Even though you have complete control, it also makes it that much harder I think to find the perfect setup when skies the limit for combinations you can do.

  2. Thanks for this great video! Just what I needed to remind me of the creativity of photography! I've been doing the standard blah lately with corporate and it unknowingly straddled me with standard non creative blinders so to speak!

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