• Thursday , 16 July 2020

How the Table Affects Your Image in Product Photography

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Product photography is a highly intricate and precise genre in which you have to be able to control every last angle and reflection. This helpful video discusses how the table on which you are shooting can affect the results while demonstrating on a wine bottle.

Coming to you from Dustin Dolby of workphlo, this great video examines how the table on which you are shooting affects the results in product photography, specifically when you are photographing a wine bottle. Many product photographers actually use a custom table specifically to create the right highlights on the bottle. Even if you are not interested in product photography, it is well worth taking a couple hours on a weekend to try it out, as the problem-solving that goes into crafting a well-lit shot can really improve your lighting skills in many other genres, and a glass bottle is full of challenges worth tackling. Check out the video above for the full rundown. 

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