• Sunday , 18 November 2018

How to Add a Soft, Warm Glow to Images Using Photoshop

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A very popular and fun look for portraits and candid shots is a warm glow that seems to emanate from a soft, out-of-frame light source. This fun and easy tutorial will show you how to add that same glow to your images using Photoshop.

Coming to you from Aaron Nace at Phlearn, this great video will show the process for adding a warm glow to your images in Photoshop. If you’re like me in any way, you’re eternally cold in the winter and you’ll do anything to feel warm again, even if it means Photoshopping the warmth (maybe it’s time for me to step away from the computer for a bit). Nonetheless, this is a fairly easy thing to do, and the video will teach you how to use gradients to create natural tonal transitions quickly and easily across the frame. In addition, the effect is easily adjustable after you add it, making it no problem to adjust things more to your liking, such as increasing the size of the source to decrease the harshness of the transitions, etc. It’s an easy technique that can breathe an entirely different mood into images, so grab one from your catalog and give it a try!

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