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Huawei Busted Once Again for Faking Phone Camera Capabilities Using DSLR Images

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Phone giant Huawei seemingly have no qualms in the face of being caught using DSLR photos to promote their cameras, as they’ve been busted again. Promotional images for the upcoming P30 Pro including a photo lifted from notorious child photographer Jake Olson.

The soon-to-be-released P30 Pro’s camera boasts a periscope zoom lens. However, as per GSMArena’s reports, the tech firm is using pre-existing images to promote their latest model, and none of the photos were taking using Huawei tech. This marks the third time the company have been publicly outed for being misleading.

It seems no lesson has been learned, despite the following statement they issued amid the embarrassment back in 2016:

The photo, which was professionally taken while filming a Huawei P9 advert, was shared to inspire our community. We recognize though that we should have been clearer with the captions for this image. It was never our intention to mislead. We apologize for this and we have removed the image.

To make matters worse, other images in use by Huawei were found to be stock photos, rather than anything they’d shot for the purposes of promoting the new phone. For although the volcano photo was taken by Tom Pfeiffer and posted to Flickr back in 2009, it’s also available as a stock photo on Getty Images, which is most likely where Huawei discovered it. Another image featured in the campaign appears to be by Jake Olson.

Since the news broke, it seems Huawei has discreetly updated their ads, adding a disclaimer which details how the images were “creative ads meant for reference only.”

Addressing The Verge, the company issued a new statement:

We’ve been made aware that there might have been some misunderstanding regarding our recent HUAWEI P30 Series teaser posters. We would like to reiterate that those are, in fact, only teaser posters, and are only intended to hint at the unique new features that will come with the HUAWEI P30 Series. Huawei has acquired the licenses to the original images and the posters are artistic renditions of said features only.

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