I SWITCHED to the Nikon Z9 for 30 days// The Pros and Cons compared to the Sony A1/Canon R3

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0:00 Intro
1:14 Why I purchased the Z9
2:30 IBIS issue
4:22 Ergos/ handling
5:27 Usability
6:48 Autofocus
8:30 Image Quality
9:18 Final thoughts
5:50 R3 vs R5 Image Comparison
8:36 Final Thoughts

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28 responses to “I SWITCHED to the Nikon Z9 for 30 days// The Pros and Cons compared to the Sony A1/Canon R3”

  1. Nice one for putting the outtakes on the end 🙂 What is the electronic music at 9:25 pleas. We also got a z9 because it's just cool to try state of the art tech, it is a thing of beauty when you think back to 90's technology

  2. I can't really get over people who can drop almost 6 grand on a body, yet worries about enthuasits level lenses looked too low profile. Just look at how good the 105 macro prime is. If that doesn't get you excited about future prime release you might want to consider the option to just leave this system immediately and do not venture further. I'm sure plenty people wouldn't mind to have that body since the waiting list is so long.

  3. I just ordered mine yesterday (: I'm a wildlife photographer, so very excited to come from my Nikon D850 DLSR to a flagship mirrorless. I have no idea when the next shipping dates are for US, so I may have my order in, but could be a very long time before it's in my hands lol. Great video Manny.

  4. I need a camera with good eye autofocus. I'm not the guy that goes and buys everything that comes out. I have my kit of 2 D810 and 6 lenses and I waited for this camera to go out and contemplated switching to sony many times. I would like to get two of these and use them with my Nikon lenses and ease into then upgrading the lenses. To me is the easiest and least expensive way to go.

  5. After firmware 2.0 drops on 4/20, I think it's time to switch back again for a follow up video. Many others are calling the update an effective "Z9S" because of the update. 😂

  6. In school, our professor always told us to turn off any instabllizer in our camera because when you are shooting hand held, the camera's instablizer is already working to compensate for any shaking that is occurring. If on a tripod and with the inbody stabilizer on; the camera will will begin to tremble because it's trying to feel out the shaking. So on my Nikon cameras; I always turned off
    my V/R (vibration reduction) off that were built into my lens. So yeah, I hope this helps someone out there.

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