• Thursday , 21 March 2019

Improve How Your Images Look on Instagram Using Photoshop

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Do your photographs on Instagram not look as good as they do on your computer screen? Are you looking for something to improve the look of your photos on Instagram? Well, watch this video to improve their appearance on Instagram.

First, this is not a quick-fix solution, but if you are serious about improving the look of your photographs on Instagram, then PiXimperfect has an excellent video for you. This isn’t some “click this setting in Instagram to improve your photographs” method. The approach requires several steps in Photoshop to obtain the results. After seeing the before and after images, I have to agree that there is definitely an overall improvement of the images.

I don’t think this approach is for everyone or for every image that you post to Instagram. For someone who is interested in getting the most out of a particular photograph or a series of photographs then the technique shown in the video might be worth it. Also, the technique demonstrated in the video can always be used to merely enhance the image itself, be it for use on a website or elsewhere. 

Even if you aren’t interested in going through this effort for your photos on Instagram, watch the video to the end for the best tip of all: a different way to post your photographs. I’ve already used it several times and love it. 

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