• Tuesday , 19 February 2019

Is the New Fujifilm X-T3 the Perfect APS-C Camera for Video?

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With all the mirrorless noise of the last couple of weeks, it’s easy to forget that Fujifilm’s latest offering is about to hit the shelves. With its new sensor and upgraded video specs, the X-T3 could be about to lead the way in the world of APS-C cameras.

Fstoppers’ Dylan Goldby will be putting the Fujifilm X-T3 through its paces in the next week or two, but until then, here are the thoughts of Gerald Undone, who was fortunate enough to have been dragged out to one of Fujifilm’s rather swanky press events featuring helicopters and supercars.

From the specs sheet alone, it seems that Fujifilm has made some fantastic improvements over the X-T2, and those who love Fuji’s color science will certainly appreciate something comparable to the Panasonic GH5 that doesn’t lean towards yellow and green. With so few bodies available right now, we might have to wait a few more weeks before any decisive judgments are made regarding battery life and heat dispersion. The lack of IBIS — a compromise probably made to allow such a small body — will no doubt be critical to many, but the cheaper price point and lower weight mean that it’s ideal for gimbals and sliders, especially with the weather sealing and the notable upgrades to the autofocus system (100 percent frame coverage).

The X-T3 will be available as of September 20, and for anyone new to filmmaking who is after an affordable camera packing an amazing range of features (but can live without IBIS), this might well be their best bet.

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