JavaScript Bangla Tutorial-01 | Introduction and why should learn JavaScript?

JavaScript is widely used in everywhere. Server-side, client side, mobile application, desktop application and so on. In this tutorial series, I’ll teach you how to learn JavaScript Easily in Bangla.

Summary History of JavaScript
JavaScript invented by Brendan Eich 1995

1993 the NCSA’s Mosaic browser was the popular browser for Windows.

– 1994 Netscape make a browser.
– In 1995 Brendan Eich join in Netscape
– Within 10 days Brendan Eich makes a Scripting Language called Mocha.
– In 1995 September, Mocha becomes LiveScript
– In 1995 December, LiveScript becomes JavaScript with the joint licence agreement of Netscape and Sun.

“JavaScript is not related to Java”

In 1996 – 1997 taken by ECMA (Standards Organization for Information and Communication Systems)

Still, it’s standard, function, features maintained by ECMA.

ECMAScript 2 in 1998
ECMAScript 3 in 1999
and so on
Present stable release ECMAScript 2017[3] June 2017.

Use case of JavaScript
– Alert
– Confirmation
– Interactive Web
– Form validation
– Dynamic Time Show
– Dynamic style
– Dom manipulation
– Async Task (AJAX)
– Single page application
and so on

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