Lesson 10 – Fixing distortion in Photoshop (Photography Tutorials)

In this photography lesson I will show you how to fix a lens distortion and correct horizontals and verticals lines in your images.

Music: Kevin MacLeod. (Licensed under Creative Commons “Attribution 3.0”)

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  1. <3 I Love you! Thx a lot for this! As a beginner I really appreciate your help, to be honest, for me this channel is a well-made channel compering to the othersI It is really informative and easy to understand! If I can give you one million like, I would do it! whis you the best!

  2. I hope you read my comment. I just got into photography and just found your videos on youtube last night and in two nights I've seen 12 of your videos and I even have a notebook where I can take notes. I LOVE your videos! I just bought my camera today and I can't wait to start applying everything I've learned to my picture taking. You make it so easy to understand! 🙂

  3. An easier way to begin the process of straightening the building would be to use the Ruler tool (instead of starting with guides) and drag a line on one of the lines you were trying to line up, then use the Rotate feature. When you create a line with the ruler, it automatically sets a rotate value so you can just click okay and let it go to work. From there you can use the Skew feature or the Warp feature (I think that one gives you good control) to line up any areas that it didn't fix.

    Or, if you're working with a Raw image in Camera Raw, you can enable the Lens Profile Correction and it will adjust the distortion of your image. That may even be all that's needed if that's where the distortion came from. The first time I discovered this feature, I was very happy.

  4. I think you are the best teacher after seeing too many youtube videos and at the end subscribed to your channel.i just bought D3200 and trying to learn from you.i have already watched lesson 1 to 10 and that helped me a lot
    you have the great ability to explain things and show them right way.
    also your english is clear and easy to understand like your channel's name"easy exposure"

  5. You can use tilt-shift lenses for taking pictures when line alignment is important, but those lenses are quite expensive, prices ranges from approx. $1.5k and up. Good tutorial showing how to do a post-processing to get similar results without spending thousands on tilt-shift lenses ;D

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