Maya 2016 tutorial : How to load and use 3DSMax files ( .3ds ) in Maya

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Typically Maya can’t process 3DS Max files unless the proper plugin is installed and loaded. By downloading and installing the Maya Bonus tools you can fix this easily.

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26 responses to “Maya 2016 tutorial : How to load and use 3DSMax files ( .3ds ) in Maya”

  1. I have an ultra-noob question: Let say I make a kettle made of 2 meshes: the kettle and the handle, and export it into 3ds. Will I be able to modify the textures of both meshes individually afterwards using maya or 3dmax or whatever program made by Autodesk? I just started modeling and I was wondering if I was doomed to send either boring grey obj. unless working with people using blender (A.k.a nobody) or if the 3ds files would be a good way to create models in one program and leave the mapping and texturing for more mainstream/popular/stable programs. Great vids by the way, I'll sure remember it the day i will finally switch to Maya ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. thank you so much for this video! i tried importing a .OBJ into maya, from 3ds max, and it wouldn't load. so i exported the file as a .FBX and the textures ended up completely messed up when i finally got it into maya. being able to import a .3DS file though saved the textures! had to turn the specularity way down, and reload a couple textures files, but was still leagues better than my previous attempts. thank you! you saved me a huge head ache!

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