Mesh Selection Modes – Blender Fundamentals

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This tutorial is part of the Blender Fundamentals series, produced by Dillon Gu.

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7 responses to “Mesh Selection Modes – Blender Fundamentals”

  1. I can't keep anything of that in mind. I just want to make a mesh book which should be damn easy but I can't keep any of those shortcuts in mind…I even tried writing them down but no success. I keep F*ing up for over a year now. Back then I thought I would be able to create a T-Shirt…Was it right or left click for…erm…what? And the edit mode is for editing yes but then object mode is for what? For deleting everything from edit mode? Does it have another purpose? I think there is an answer to that question that only cunfuses me more because this is about those basics. I think I rather give up on blender because everytime I try I get frustrated and angry and that leads to word finding issues because I can't define why the hell I can't learn this. For me Blender is like an Elf teaching me Klingon with a Dothrak accent using a textbook with moon letters. O_O Did I said I give up? Nevermind. One year of frustration is nothing. Let's add another one or two. That doesn't have anything to do with the quality of your tutorials. You just make it sound so easy, that I get my false hopes revived again but he…if I ever manage the slightest basics I'll come back and let ya know. 🙂 Keep up the good work and thanks for dividing the lections into small parts. When I started there only where 60+ min videos from some indian braniacs with an amazing knowledge and a horrible microphone. 😮

  2. I changed my viewport navigation shortcuts (ALT+LMB to move, MMB to pan and ALT+MMB to zoom), now when I'm in edit mode I cannot rotate the view anymore. Probably is about overwriting shortcuts, but how do I check for that?
    EDIT: Ok, the problem was the loop selection shortcut. I disabled the SC for both in the mesh edit mode and UV Editor, leaving the alternate option with SHIFT+ALT+LMB.

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