• Saturday , 4 July 2020

Missing Focus? Check Out These Helpful Tips

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One of the most frustrating things all photographers experience at one time or another is missing a shot because the focus was off. When that happens, the great tips in this video will help you make things right again. 

Coming to you from Michael The Maven, this helpful video will give you five tips for fixing focusing problems. If you are shooting on a DSLR and your images are consistently missing focus by the same amount in the same direction (front or back focus), you might need to make an autofocus microadjustment. If your lens does need an AFMA, check out this article, which will guide you through the entire process. On the other hand, one error that I discovered myself making quite a bit when I was first starting was setting the shutter speed too slowly for my action and mistaking the blurry results for missed focus. In the quest to get low-ISO images, you might want to keep the shutter speed a bit slower, but it is always better to have a sharp image shot at a higher ISO than a blurry one shot at a lower ISO. Check out the video above for lots of helpful tips. 

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