Nikon D5200 – My Top 5 Nikon D5200 Tutorials

In this video I give you highlights of my top 5 Nikon D5200 Tutorials on my YouTube channel. Make sure you subscribe for more D5200 Tutorials. Grab yourself some Photographer’s Freedom Merch. From clothing to clocks, coasters to socks – it’s all here:

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I have done more than a few Nikon D5200 tutorials here on my channel and I wanted to share them with you in case you haven’t seen them all.

The D5200 is a great Nikon DSLR camera for beginners and semi-professional photographers. In this video you will see my How To Manual Focus Nikon D5200, How To Set Aperture on Nikon D5200, How to Set Shutter Speed on Nikon D5200, Nikon D5200 Camera Settings, and my How To Record Video on Nikon D5200 tutorials. I have given you the best bits of each one and the full videos are linked in the cards at the top right.

I hope you enjoy this tutorial and be sure to comment about what Nikon D5200 tutorial you would like to see me do. Thanks for watching.


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20 responses to “Nikon D5200 – My Top 5 Nikon D5200 Tutorials”

  1. I bought the camera and it didn’t come with a manual so I bought the book lol glad I did iam just starting this hobby and really appreciate the knowledge iam no good lol but I love it I love trying it is so relaxing so thank you

  2. Your channel is just what I have been looking for. Thanks. I do have a question. I have owned a D5200 for several years and used trial and error to take the pictures that I have taken. I just purchased a 650-1300 manual telephoto lens and can see through the view finder but my pictures are Black. Can you direct me to a tutorial that will help me learn to use my new toy?

  3. Hi Sir, Can you tell me where do I get the option to not restart the image/photo name when there is no photo in the sd card. i.e. if my last image was DSC0012, then after I delete it, it should start from DSC0013

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