Nikon Puts 100 Years of Expertise on the Line in Their Latest Mirrorless Camera Teaser

We’re inching closer and closer to the announcement of the Nikon mirrorless camera, and thank goodness, because the anticipation is starting to reach a fever pitch. The latest teaser from Nikon provides some official images of parts of the camera. 

Nikon isn’t messing around. In their latest teaser, they take us on a quick historic tour while flashing quick glimpses of their upcoming professional mirrorless camera. So confident is the company, however, that the video features the following voiceover (translated to English): “All the expertise Nikon has acquired over the past 100 years has been poured into this camera.” It’s clear the company is aiming to make a splash with a model that truly competes with the best from Sony, which means it’s never been a better time to be a camera consumer. From the glimpses we can see of the body, it appears that the leaked images we saw just a few days ago are indeed the real camera. As we get closer and closer to the announcement, it’ll be very exciting to see how the photography landscape changes as these mirrorless bodies hit the market. 

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