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Photographer and Model Stereotypes Which Are You?

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If you have worked in this industry for at least a couple of years you will have more than likely come across a whole plethora of interesting and curious characters whilst on shoots or at networking events.

Eventually, you will come across similar people in all sorts of different countries, and you will start to understand each personality type. Well, artist Pixelcrush has taken all these stereotypes and turned them into glorious works of art for us all to see. I asked Mike at Pixelcrush for some information on why he decided to create this series. Here was his reply.

As a graphic artist/photographer with an off-beat sense of humor, I set out to illustrate the types of models I’ve seen so many times on photo shoots. The “characters” don’t represent any specific model I’ve met; each is more of an amalgamation of numerous models that I’ve worked with that seem to fit specific patterns. Of course, it goes without saying, that this is “not all models”, nor is it supposed to be a negative jab at anyone. I just wanted to make a fun depiction of some common behaviors and model types I’ve seen over the last 10 years, shooting well over a hundred or so models. And, seeing that this series has been shared thousands of times over the last day or so, it seems many others in the industry share my observations as well.

For the “Typical Male Photographers” series, well, I just HAD to make the counterpart to the Model series. Again, for pretty much the same reasons, you meet so many other photographers within the industry, whether it be in person or online, and many of the same patterns keep popping up. Of course, there are a million types of photographers out there, but these ones here are always a little fun to poke fun at. People have asked why I focused on male photographers, I simply haven’t met enough female photographers! 

As for the one “character”, “The Creeper” — to be honest, I was almost not even going to post it, even though it was the first one I drew. We all know that “creepers” in the industry is a serious issue and not exactly something that is funny. They don’t exactly fit a stereotype and could look and act like literally anyone at any professional level. But, instead of diving into a deep societal commentary and getting too dark with this series, I decided to leave it in here as a type of loony-tune caricature — a personification of someone (and behavior) that definitely needs to be ridiculed.

I myself love the series and have come across many of these personality types in the eight years I have worked in this industry. As Mike stated, it is all a little fun and I hope not taken too seriously. in these dark days, I think we need humor like this because if we can not laugh at ourselves then the world would be a miserable place to be.

Images used with the permission of Pixelcrush.

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