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Photographer Booked Weddings and Allegedly Didn't Bother Showing Up

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A photographer in Wisconsin has stood up at least two brides according to CBS 58 News, after taking a deposit and giving no warning. Now they can’t even get hold of the photographer for a refund.

Two brides are complaining that a photographer who goes by Maelynn Anne Photography from Walworth County, Wisconsin, booked their weddings and just didn’t show up. One bride managed to find a photographer to stand-in on the day, but the other was left with guests just taking photographs on their phones.

Bride Magdelyn Chandler had her big day booked for July 27th of this year and without notice or explanation before, during, or after the event, the photographer did not show up. Chandler “immediately started crying” and laments the memories missed. “I would have loved to have had a picture with my mom and grandma that was professionally done… not standing in front of a door frame,” Chandler expressed to CBS. To add insult to injury, both brides have been unable to get in contact with Maelynn Anne Photography for a refund of their deposit. Upon hearing this, other clients with bookings are also trying to get out of the situation. The police have now had to be involved.

One of the most stressful parts of a wedding for the photographer is the whole issue of “no do-overs.” Time and time again before I used to shoot weddings I would triple check every piece of equipment, the route to the venue, my car, I’d have a small pharmacy in my bag, and I would leave hours and hours early. Unless I had been injured so badly I was laid up in a hospital bed, I was never going to miss one of my shoots, particularly not a wedding. It is utterly baffling to me that photographers can be so unreliable and I just hope that in this case, the photographer has a good reason, but it seems highly unlikely.

To watch an interview with the brides, click here. Have you ever had to miss a wedding you were meant to shoot? Has it happened to you or anyone you know? Share in the comments below.

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