Photographer Swears final_image_version_8_USE_THIS_ONE _edit_edit_edit_edit_copy.TIFF Is the Last Edit of This Image. No Really.

Seattle, Washington: A local photographer swears final_image_version_8_USE_THIS_ONE_edit_edit_edit_edit_copy.TIFF is the last edit of this image. No really. Promise. 

Teddy Bridges, a local landscape photographer, has been working on the image for a while:

Yeah, well, I thought I had everything dialed in around final_image_version_5_edit_edit.TIFF, then I saw a hiker I forgot to clone out. So, I took care of that and saved it as final_image_version_6_edit_edit.TIFF.

Unfortunately for Bridges, he then realized that several iterations before, he had accidentally opened final_image_version_2_edit.TIFF instead of final_image_version_2_edit_edit.TIFF and had been using an 8-bit space for several versions of the file, leading to some color banding in the sky that once seen, could not be unseen. 

I had to redo a bunch of edits in 16-bit mode, but once I had done that, I saved it as final_image_version_7_USE_THIS_ONE_edit_edit.TIFF so there was no mistaking which one to send to the printer. 

However, Bridges hit another hiccup when he realized he had forgotten to calibrate the new monitor he was using to edit. After crossing his fingers and running a calibration, he was frustrated to discover all his images now had a yellow tint, leading to final_image_version_8_USE_THIS_ONE_edit_edit.TIFF. All seemed well, until Bridges’ wife walked in. She picks up the story:

I poked my head in to see how things were going, and Teddy seemed relieved, saying he had finally finished. The photo looked great! Although, I noticed a little black dot in the sky. I asked him if it was supposed to be there. He squinted, licked his thumb, rubbed it furiously on the monitor where the dot was, then angrily mumbled something about ‘****ing sensor dust’. 

The last Fstoppers checked in with Bridges, he swore final_image_version_8_USE_THIS_ONE_edit_edit_edit_edit_copy.TIFF was the last iteration of the image. We will keep you updated. 

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