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Photographer Totally Happy to Bring His Camera to Thanksgiving to 'Just Take a Few Pictures'

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Davenport, Iowa: A photographer who was looking forward to relaxing is totally happy to bring his camera to Thanksgiving dinner to “take a few pictures.” Really. No problem at all. Who likes to relax anyway?

Aarav Patel, a local portrait and events photographer, was looking forward to a relaxing Thanksgiving dinner with his wife’s family, when the request came in:

I got a text from my brother-in-law asking me if I could bring my camera to Thanksgiving to ‘just to take a few pictures.’ I know how this goes. The last time this happened was at my niece’s birthday party. Before I knew it, ‘just a few pictures’ had turned into four hours of events coverage for a bunch of crazy 12-year-olds, 30 posed family portraits, and an all-nighter of editing just so my niece could share the shots on her Instagram the next day. All I wanted was a piece of cake. Do you think there was any cake left by the time I was done? Spoiler alert: THERE WASN’T ANY CAKE LEFT. 

Patel’s brother-in-law, Lenny, picks up the story:

I don’t know what the big deal is. Aarav is a photographer because he likes taking pictures, right? We figured it would be fun for him. We just need some pictures of the turkey and all the sides for Linda’s food blog, posed but totally candid-looking shots of everyone together for the family album, some photos of some jewelry Megan made for her Etsy shop, and a new headshot for my business cards. Oh, we might as well do a Christmas card shoot while the whole family is here too. Oh, we all need passport photos before our winter vacation too. 

Patel picks the story up again: 

This is going to be like the cake, isn’t it? I’m not going to get any turkey either, am I? 

Lenny chimes in:

We’ll leave some leftovers in the fridge for him and the dog. 

Fstoppers will let you know if Patel manages to get any turkey. 

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