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By connecting your digital camera to a computer or monitor–a process called tethering–you can easily share the camera’s live view with others, and even control a photo shoot from a laptop using a photo editing application such as Lightroom. In this tutorial, learn the ins and outs of tethering, including how and when to use it. Watch more at

This tutorial is a single movie from Up and Running with Studio Strobes by authors Rich Harrington and
Abba Shapiro. The complete course is 3 hours and 37 minutes and gives beginning photographers a brisk but thorough look at using strobe lights in a studio setting.

1. Why Shoot with Strobes?
2. Why Shoot with Continuous Lights (Instead of Strobes)
3. Buying a Lighting Setup
4. The Components of a Studio Strobe Kit
5. Getting to Know Your Lights
6. Triggering a Light
7. Setting and Testing Your Strobes
8. Modifying Strobe Lights
9. Putting Everything into Action
10. Challenge

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