Photoshop For Photographers – Episode 1: Introduction

This is the first ever episode of “Photoshop For Photographers”. This free video series is brought to you by:

In this video series, I’ll be teaching you photoshop from the basics to advanced topics. In this episode, I’ll introduce you to the Photoshop CC, CS6 interface from the tools to the panels such as layers. I’ll also introduce Adobe Bridge and Adobe Camera Raw discussing and demonstrating how these three programs work together.

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I’m sorry but due to misuse and abuse, the practice files are no longer available.

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48 responses to “Photoshop For Photographers – Episode 1: Introduction”

  1. Hi Anthony…I’m trying to follow along but hit a snag. Bridge is not at the bottom of my MacBook Pro screen. I can go to: File-Browse in Bridge at the top though. However it does not show up on my Adobe Photoshop CC 2019 window like yours. Can you advise me?

  2. So you don't need to configure you camera to take two copies of each picture, one in RAW and the other in JPEG, just to see your pictures without opening Photoshop? You can see them directly on Bridge? Yeah, go ahead and laugh… I'm laughing myself… been doing this since I first started using Photoshop…. XD

  3. Does anyone know how to get the raw files used in this series? I paid $10 to download Photoshop files but they were not these files. I can't find any way to contact him on his website. The content is great but I'd like to get the files to practice along with the video.

  4. When you do a tutorial on one program such as photoshop, please do not take the posture that the viewer knows some other program. I started trying to learn from this tutorial. I do not know anything about lightroom and you are very wrong to assume that the viewer is familiar with lightroom or some other program.

  5. Thank you so much for your easy going learning skills . you make it fun to learn again I WAS SO LOST WITH ALL THIS PHOTOSHOP .Now it is so much simpler to understand and fallow along . thanks again Anthony.

  6. Anthony do you feel like your photoshop tutorials are still applicable to current versions? Confirming since they're now over 3 yrs old. Always enjoy your LR vids and ready for PS. Actually I'm way overdue and frustrated not knowing it..

  7. I've been looking for Photoshop instruction videos and people just go so quickly and don't give the why behind anything which makes it hard to understand. I watched most of your light room series and that's the reason I know how to use light room now! Thank you for that…and now I'm starting your Photoshop video and I already know I'm gonna learn so much

  8. Thank you so much for doing this series on PS Anthony, I learnt how to use Lightroom from you, and am so excited that you've got this series too now, as I know I'll now learn how to use it properly. You're a great teacher 🙂

  9. Again Anthony I really appreciate your work you do and your detail explanation on how to start with Photoshop or even your LR videos.. the best!!! I am so new to PS so all your explanations are very helpful. I hope my Photoshop 6 will be almost the same as your Photoshop 5. Thank you Patrik

  10. Thanks Anthony! I have learnt a lot from your Lightroom CC and Nik Collection tutorials. And I am starting off with this series. Your tutorials are so helpful that I improve my photo retouching skills step by step over time. Keep up the good work!

  11. Anthony, I really appreciate your tutorials!
    I'm just starting this series (Did the lightroom series first) and trying to learn Photoshop CC, but the "Copy" site where you say we can get practice files does not have them. Could you give a link for those files? Heck, I'd even pay for them as I did the LR files.
    Using the same image you are using helps learn much more efficiently!

    Thanks very much.

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