Pricing Your Work and Keeping Track of All Aspects of Your Production

Something all photographers have to deal with on a daily basis is how to price their professional work. It’s something that’s not easy to quantify, and each job is usually a different monster requiring its own unique budget.

Chris Hau, a photographer and videographer based out of Ontario, Canada, and his business partner, Lizzie, have created a video trying to explain in their own opinion on how to price your photography. They brought up many good points such as breaking down each individual task of a project into an Excel worksheet to calculate time and equipment required to make the production happen. Along with that, they recommended comparing your work to other photographers in your area just to see what others are charging and to get a good idea of what the typical budget in your area looks like. They then go on to explain the logistics behind sending an estimate to the client and how important it is to get things in writing to avoid any unwanted contract disputes going forward.

Now, most of these ideas may seem small, but using all of them together will allow you and your client to be clear on all of the logistics, timeframes, and work to be delivered. This will ensure that no one is left in the dark and you’re aware of all aspects of your production.

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