Screw Rule of Thirds – Practical Photography Composition Tips For Beginners

Composition is an important consideration that can make or break the shot. The most commonly recommended technique is Rule of Thirds, the default guide for beginners. While Rule of Thirds works for many images, composition is not as simple as drawing invisible lines over the frame and place the subjects along these lines. In this video I am sharing more practical approach in getting better composition for your photography. Some tips I have shared include using lower angle for more dramatic perspective, using creative framing incorporating art basics like lines, patterns, geometry, colors and repetition as well as paying more attention to the background.

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34 responses to “Screw Rule of Thirds – Practical Photography Composition Tips For Beginners”

  1. Concerning composition, it is not just about not caring about rule of third, but one thing really important I like to follow it how human eye see light. You have to adjust your camera before a shot to mimic human eye, so forget about HDR photography, it is over used nowadays and don’t do justice to beautiful stories you can encounter.

  2. I’m sure there is something wrong with your video on composition, Robin. I’ve watched about 30 others over the past year, and yours is the first I’ve understood. Your approach is much more in step with my personal experience.

  3. Thanks for the inspiration, Robin. I took the low angle to heart and have been doing worm's eye view photos of flowers. The 12-100 lens is great for that because it focuses so close. I wish that lens had focus stacking. Could a firmware update add that?

  4. Good points Robin. Not so easy to implement with my wildlife and nature photography and video ha ha!! Because I put my photos into a video clip production (apart from the ones I post on social media) I usual try to shoot the main subject either to the left and right and /or upper and lower position of the frame. This is because I can then both zoom in or out and across in video editing making the photo move and draw the eye of the person watching directly onto the main subject. The video clip of still photos then becomes much more interesting.

  5. Robin, your advices are intelligent and the result of years of dedicated passion. I enjoy so much your videos and find them very useful. Your tips on composition and Olympus cameras are my favs. All my best wishes from Barcelona, Spain.

  6. You made me want to go out an try something new. Perhaps in another video you could talk about how you use custom setting and function buttons on olympus cameras

  7. While agree with all that you said here I do believe a basic understanding of the so-called rules is important. You do have to understand the rules if you are going to break or modify them. Also they shouldn’t be called rules at all but rather guidelines. Just my two cents worth

  8. Great advice Robin! Composing the photo is such an important element in photography. I like the rule of thirds but sometimes the picture looks more 'right' when I break it. I love using the flip screen to get different angles, I am one of the few who doesn't care for the viewfinder much. Thanks again, excellent video.

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