• Tuesday , 20 November 2018

Six Easy Camera Tricks for Better Videos

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Everyone wants to shoot better videos, and as we all know, it doesn’t require the best gear and the production. You can even spice up your videos by using simple tricks during the shoot and the editing. The well-known YouTube Channel, Cooph, shares six simple tricks that will make your videos more interesting and professional looking.

In the era of content creation, context, visual language, and drawing the attention of the audience is the key to success for the creators. Therefore, even if your subject is interesting, it must be supported by strong visuals.

In this four-minute video, you’ll see some basic but effective tricks that is commonly used by content creators, even shooting with an iPhone. Trying and experiencing these techniques are free of charge, but some of them require additional gear such as a stabilizer, which is a must-have item for anyone who likes to shoot video. If you want to know more about gimbals, don’t forget to check Lee Morris’ recent article, and if you are after a gimbal for your smartphone, then you should read this article for an affordable solution.

What do you think about these techniques? If you have your own tips, don’t forget to share with the community.

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