Street Photographer Shows How He Photographs Strangers

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In this video, we share some street photography tips and tricks to do better street photos.

Zach Leon and I spent the day doing street photography in Mexico City. I reached out to Zach because his photos are mostly street photography like mine, but his choice of color and composition is very different from mine and I thought I could learn a lot.

We both use Fuji as our go-to street photography camera and I was using the wide-angle Fuji lens 16mm 1.4 which isn’t a pretty odd choice for street photography, but I wanted to give it a shot to see how my street photos will look on a wide-angle lens.

I like Zach’s photos a lot and after we took photos together, I want to focus on improving my composition in street photography when it comes to photography rules like:
Rule of thirds
Leading lines
Negative space
Dead center
Playing with depth of field
Fill The Frame
Juxtaposition – Big / Small.

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I hope you could use this short street photography tutorial!

All best,
Frederik Trovatten

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42 responses to “Street Photographer Shows How He Photographs Strangers”

  1. some great shots, i love the guy with the round glasses and the hat. I am a newbee to this and so keen to get out there, you were lucky with these great people. I think the staged shots were magical, because it showed a connection with the people, that you rarely get elsewhere. What settings would i go with for a shoot like that on the street. Do you think the 23mm lens with a fujifilm xt3 or 4 would be a good set up for that kind of photography?

  2. It would be good to learn the difference between the pronoun "tu" and "su" when asking to take a person's photograph in Spanish. The use of the familiar pronoun "tu" presumes either familiarity or even implies some superiority by the person asking the question. Using the word "tu" might also be particularly offensive to someone who is older. In my opinion, it would be better to use the more respectful "su foto".

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