Street Photographer Shows How He Photographs Strangers

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In this video, we share some street photography tips and tricks to do better street photos.

Zach Leon and I spent the day doing street photography in Mexico City. I reached out to Zach because his photos are mostly street photography like mine, but his choice of color and composition is very different from mine and I thought I could learn a lot.

We both use Fuji as our go-to street photography camera and I was using the wide-angle Fuji lens 16mm 1.4 which isn’t a pretty odd choice for street photography, but I wanted to give it a shot to see how my street photos will look on a wide-angle lens.

I like Zach’s photos a lot and after we took photos together, I want to focus on improving my composition in street photography when it comes to photography rules like:
Rule of thirds
Leading lines
Negative space
Dead center
Playing with depth of field
Fill The Frame
Juxtaposition – Big / Small.

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I hope you could use this short street photography tutorial!

All best,
Frederik Trovatten

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