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Synco MIC D30 Review in Tamil by R.Prasanna Venkatesh
The Synco Mic-D30 is a super cardioid shotgun microphone designed to be mounted on your camera. It is suitable for run-and-gun filmmaking. The microphone can interface with smartphones and cameras by means of its USB Type-C port and various connector cables. You’ll find cables on hand for 3.5mm TRS and 3.5mm TRRS devices as well as a USB-C to USB charging cable for the mic’s built-in battery.
In addition to the microphone’s highly directional polar pattern, the Mic-D30 sports other features eminently useful in the realm of location recording. You’ll find switchable 75Hz /150 Hz low-cut filters for mitigating bassy rumble as well as the ability to record a lower-level safety channel in case you’re capturing the levels to hot on the primary signal.
Monitor audio straight from the mic through the 3.5mm output. Use the analog variable gain control to adjust the input volume on the fly. The Mic-D30 comes with a storage case, three USB-C cables (charging, TRS, and TRRS), a shock mount, and a furry windscreen

It works very well with cameras, camcorders, smartphones, recorders, laptops, tablets, and bodypack transmitters.

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