Taking Pictures Using a Lens With a Smashed Middle Element

Think the dust inside your lens is bad? The owners of a vintage camera shop have been testing out what it’s like taking photos using a Kaleinar 100mm f/2.8 lens with a severely smashed middle element. So, how did it fare?

Based in Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK, the team at WYCameras is full of film and vintage camera specialists. Their entire stock range consists of analog cameras and lenses only. And buying and selling camera parts often means they run into unusual equipment, each with its own little quirk.

So, when owner Howard Parker encountered this Kaleinar lens with a huge crack to its insides, he couldn’t resist trialing the results first with a few snaps. I think it’s fair to say the damage is substantial. So, how did the photos come out? Scroll right on to the below Instagram post to see some results.

Aside from posting a few to the company’s social pages, Parker also took the below portraits exclusively for Fstoppers.

Next time, a speck of dust on your lens might not seem like such a big deal! And in an age where new filters are being released to replicate such effects as this, perhaps having a crack is something to embrace!

See more of WYCameras at their website and Instagram page.

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