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Ten Creative DIY Photography Gifts Ideas

Code Canyon

One thing many of us photographers are guilty of is taking pictures, uploading them to our computers, and not doing much else with them. Use the holidays as a good excuse to change that by creating some DIY photo related gifts for you and your loved ones.

The photographs you make deserve to see the light of day from time to time and I’m sure some of your family members would appreciate experiencing them more often too. If you have been looking for ways to do this much more creatively than just making a print, then the guys over at COOPH have made a video showing 10 simple and fun DIY gift ideas to make at home.

Some of you will have seen a few of these creations before but the video is still worth a watch if you’ve been stuck for gift inspiration. What I like about the suggestions is they all can be made on little to no budget with the most basic of supplies. If you don’t think you have any appropriate images of your own to use why not raid your old family photo albums and breathe life into some treasured memories that have been sat collecting dust. I could see some of these ideas being a perfect way to get creative with the kids leading up to Christmas. What better way to celebrate the holidays than giving granny a Rubix cube with her own face on it.

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