TGA Digital – TriplanarTexture Mapping with ShaderFX in Autodesk Maya

In this video you will learn how to set up triplanar texture mapping in ShaderFX. That means you don’t use the conventional way of using the models UV coordinates to apply a texture to a model. Instead you project three planar texture projections along the XYZ-axises.

The initial “baseline” group used in this video is covered in detail in the “Creating the “Baseline” group in ShaderFX for Autodesk Maya” video below.

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All of the above videos including this one as a playlist:

These videos area also available as a course on Udemy if you prefer it as a learning platform, free of course.


5 responses to “TGA Digital – TriplanarTexture Mapping with ShaderFX in Autodesk Maya”

  1. People need to stop whining in the comments, this tutorial was great. Guy took time to explain how to do something in shaderfx which hasn't got a lot of documentation to start with. I learnt a lot from this

  2. Nope sorry followed perfectly and this created splodges across my geometry only. Complete waste of a couple of hours. Yet another tutor who just says, now add the DotOp node because it is something I use, as opposed to what it actually does and how, then blindly run your mouse across the screen talking about this axis and this axis, yeah because we can follow that. If you would have explained each of the nodes in more detail then maybe I can try and diagnose where it is going wrong, instead you have turned me into a tutorial monkey that just clicks and follows

  3. Nice! I was wondering, is it possible to transform the projection to the object's local space instead of projecting along world space axes? how would you transform the world normal and vertex world position to local space?

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