• Saturday , 23 March 2019

The State of Landscape Photography in 2018: A Roundtable Discussion With Top Pros

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What does it mean to be a landscape photographer in 2018? Gain some perspective from five experienced professionals in this new video from Adorama.

This new video series of roundtable discussions brings together veteran photographers and young professionals to talk shop about the industry as they see it. Even in this first release, it’s interesting to hear how each photographer relates to a particular topic in different ways, and how their backgrounds outside of landscape imaging influence their craft.

In the video above, professionals Chris Burkard, Pete McBride, Jacob Riglin, Erin Babnik, and Keith Ladzinski have a flowing conversation covering a range of important topics that affect landscape photographers today. The roundtable discussion was filmed in early August 2018 and moves through the role of the traveling photographer, inspirations for creating images and how to improve, how being authentic and open with your craft leads to business, the hard truth about Instagram’s place in professional photography, and more. Whether you’re a beginner or more advanced, there’s much to reflect on with yourself in this video.

The next video in the series will bring together professional street photographers for a chat, so stay tuned for more.

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