Video Editing Comparison of 13” and 16” Macbook Pro


Apple renewed its Macbook Pro line recently and introduced the new 16” model while keeping the good old 13” version. However, the latter comes with the newest 2020 chips and graphics unit as its bigger brother still has the 2019 hardware inside.

Buying a Macbook Pro is a long-term investment, so price – performance ratio matters for most users. If you’re after a brand new Macbook Pro, you are now limited to two screen sizes; you should choose between the standard 13” model or the newly introduced 16” Macbook Pro. Both devices have Retina displays and they are both capable for many professional applications. The smaller one lacks some features but the price difference (~ $600 USD) might be effective before you decide.

To help you decide better, Max Yuryev compares the two models by running all the essential benchmark tests for both CPU and GPU performance. Focusing on the needs of video editors, Yuryev also compares the performances of the two models on Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro X, and DaVinci Resolve. Each device has its own advantages, but if you want to decide based on your preferred application, this video covers all the details for you.

Do you think the price difference is worth the performance of the 16″ model? Let us know in the comments below.


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