• Thursday , 20 February 2020

Want to Improve Your Headshot Photography?

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Peter Hurley is one of the industry’s best headshot photographers. For the next few days, you can get Peter’s tutorial, The Art Behind the Headshot, along with dozens of other photography resources for 97% off. 

Here’s the deal: The Complete Photography Bundle will only be available for five days and will never return! The sale ends October 8 at 3 PM EST. You can check out the full list of products here

To keep up in this industry, you have to constantly learn and improve your craft. There is no better way to do that than to download educational resources and tools from sozens of top industry professionals. The best part? You get access to over $5,800 in value for a fraction of the cost. This bundle will instantly become an invaluable resource as you grow your skills, regardless of what type of photographer you are.

In addition to the incredible educational value of the products, 10 percent of the bundle revenue goes directly to charity. The entire photography community is pulling together on this one to raise $100,000 in these five days.. Take a look! Even if you choose not to purchase the bundle yourself, share this information with your friends to help spread the word; there’s something for everyone! I ask this of you because not only is this such a great deal that others will want in on, but it champions some deserving organizations that we are extremely proud to support. We hope you will too.

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