• Tuesday , 21 May 2019

Watch This: Footage Released From Canon's 8K HDR Cinema Camera

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Canon has been at work creating a suite of cameras and lenses that support 8K video capture. Here’s the first jaw-dropping footage that’s been released showcasing their 8K cinema camera under development.

While viewable on YouTube in “only” 4K (most people couldn’t even watch in true 8K if available), “Roots of Japan” hints at what’s to come in the near future of 8K cinema. “Canon’s 8K technology not delivers not only extremely high resolution, but also high dynamic range and rich color expression,” said the film’s director, Ichiro Shimada. The 8K cinema camera in development records 8192×4320 pixel raw footage with “high-precision HDR and a wide color gamut.”

Part of Canon’s continuing development in the field of 8K includes the confirmed work on a mirrorless 8K video-capable camera that would fall into the EOS R lineup.

In addition to the capture of 8K video, Canon said they are also focusing on “fully immersive experiences” which will feel like watching an event in person.

What are your thoughts on entering the era of 8K? Is it necessary to fully develop at this point? Are we making a mistake by seemingly hopping over 6K? Share a comment below.

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