Wedding Photography Behind The Scenes – FUJIFILM XT3 Full Wedding Day

Come along on this FULL WEDDING DAY behind the scenes. I take you all the way from the Bride prep to the confetti send of. You’re not going to want to miss this. This wedding was at the Proximity Hotel in Greensboro, NC. It was a full 10 hour day and this video is filled to the brim with information. Check the index and come back often to study different portions of the day and my approach.

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Video Index:

0:00 – Introduction | Full Wedding Day with the Fujifilm X-T3 | Gear List
1:28 – Bride Details & Flatlays
10:05 – Groom Prep & Groomsmen
21:54 – Bride Prep & Bridesmaids
34:40 – First Look & Couple Portraits
42:30 – Ceremony
53:28 – Bridal Party
57:23 – Couple Portraits
1:00:54 – Reception Details
1:03:48 – Reception
1:16:55 – Confetti Exit
1:17:45 – Closing

Here is a list of the gear I was using for this wedding day.

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Fujifilm 23mm f/2:
Mefoto Tripod:
Rode VideoMicro:
Liliput Field Monitor:
SanDisk Extreme Pro:
Logitech C922x:
Blue Mic Yeti White:


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33 responses to “Wedding Photography Behind The Scenes – FUJIFILM XT3 Full Wedding Day”

  1. Amazing BTS video buddy.

    A question I have for you is, what ISO do you generally use to attain these natural light shots? I do know every camera is different but what is the guideline.

  2. Great insight into how you shoot

    compared to the weddings i have shot this one seems you had a couple where the photos were a huge priority and allowed plenty of time

    I have never had this much time with them as there timings are really tight
    good to see the other side of weddings and that everyone is different

  3. You know John knows what he is talking about when he says the thing he looks for first and foremost is the light and THEN the background. correctomundo. Just love all this.
    Also (and now I love John totally): some shots were a little bit blurry but "honestly, the moments matter more…" YESSSSS. Then, the part about "relationships" and making portraits. John's advice is real and true.

  4. John I watched this again for the third time! Really digging your mindset man! I had a question about Fuji's AF. I know for the moving shots you are on AF/C and Zone focusing. What about the rest of the day? Single Point for AF? Focus and Recompose or move the little box around?
    BTW I did jump to Fuji because of your influence! Thank you for your amazing videos!

  5. So when shooting the gown in the window with available light, how do you keep from blowing out the window when exposing for the white gown? Do you fix that in Lightroom? I usually shoot HSS to control it. I'll have to try it your way. Looks great!

  6. John, I want to ask you – are you using your second card slots to spill over or to back up the primary card? I noticed your 2nd photographer is doing a really good job of backing you up on every set of shots. Very cool.

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