• Monday , 17 February 2020

When Is It a Bad Idea to Adapt Lenses?

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One of the most interesting selling points of some mirrorless camera systems is their ability to adapt lenses from a wide variety of mounts, both legacy and current. But it is not always a good idea to simply throw an adapted lens on your camera and start shooting. This great video highlights the situations in which you should feel free to use an adapted lens and those in which you might want to consider using a native option.

Coming to you from Michael The Maven, this great video discusses the use of lens adapters and when it is a better to invest in a native lens. I have been using a Metabones adapter with my Sony mirrorless cameras and Canon lenses for a few years now. When I first tried this system, I quickly learned that it was not up to the task when it came to things like shooting baseball. That being said, while I still have to return to native camera and lens combinations for more demanding applications, I have enjoyed combining some of my more niche and interesting Canon lenses with the resolution and dynamic range of my Sony cameras when I could take time to either manually focus or use slower autofocus. Check out the video above to hear more. 

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