• Thursday , 22 August 2019

Why Manually Focusing Is Easier With Mirrorless Cameras

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Accurately manually focusing on a modern mirrorless camera is significantly easier than on a normal DSLR, which opens up many new avenues. This great video will show you how mirrorless cameras make it convenient and what that means for you. 

Coming to you from Mark Holtze, this great video discusses why manually focusing is much easier with a mirrorless camera. Personally, ever since I switched to a Sony a7R III for the majority of my work, I actually find myself manually focusing most of the time. Unless it’s fast-moving action that I simply can’t keep up with, I actually prefer to manually focus, as it ensures I get razor-sharp focus every single time, and after a month or so of getting used to it, I’m plenty quick enough to keep up with a normal shoot without affecting the pace. In fact, it often quickens the pace and makes culling easier, as I don’t need to take any redundant shots in case I missed focus, since I can see for myself that I’ve nailed it before I take the shot. Another great benefit of this is that it allows you to easily tap into cheaper, vintage lenses. Check out the video above for the full rundown.

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