Wide Angle Lens And Fill Flash | Photography for Beginners | Complete Tutorials

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In this Beginners Photography Tutorial you will learn:
• Camera Types
• Basic Overview
• How to choose your camera and accessories
• Photography using a Phone
• The Shutter
• The Aperture
• ISO and Exposure
• Lenses
• Tripods
• Flash Photography
• Camera Bags
• Wide Angle
• Telephoto
• Sports Photography
• Outdoors Photography
• Landscape Photography
• Studio Photography
• Photo Editing

Lisa Hogben’s first online course comes after many years of teaching face-to-face and she hopes it will assist people to understand the fundamentals of photography better.
The course has been designed to be thorough but also the information is mapped out for the student in a logical and comprehensible manner. It’s an excellent place to start for first time DSLR users.
If you enjoy helping the women of the world visit our site www.learningfever.com
Watch the entire course at https://www.learningfever.com/product/photography-lisa-hogben

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  • February 22, 2022 at 15:42

    Very nice presentation and great direction. We've just started our own photography YouTube channel and we just wanted to make connections with like-minded creatives. Not asking for you to check out all our videos but if you have a few minutes to check us out then we'll be so grateful Learning Fever. Have a great day 🙂 Looking forward to your next vid.

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