How to do Outdoor Lighting inside Blender 2.8 using EEVEE

In this tutorial you will learn how to do outdoor lighting inside blender using EEVEE. You will also learn about how to manage hdr lighting,sun light , irradiance volume , cube maps, screen space reflection, ambient occlusion and manage it to keep it real. Hope you guys like it.

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16 responses to “How to do Outdoor Lighting inside Blender 2.8 using EEVEE”

  1. Amazing but, Irradiance volumes are mostly used for indoor environments. EEVEE is capable of rendering realistic global illumination in outdoor environments, so the irradiance volumes aren't needed for it. Just use a 32-bit HDRI in Environment Texture Node and the outdoor lighting is physically-correct. Besides that, Irradiance Volumes are limited to 64 in EEVEE in a scene. So this is not suitable for big scenes like a city or something else. Also for better interactive viewport rendering in EEVEE, toggle the camera view and activate Depth of Field (Viewport View doesn't support Depth of Field). Anyway nice work!

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