Photography Tips: EXPOSURE / Histogram – Filmmaking Tutorial 11

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In this tutorial I explain how to get the perfect exposure.

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  1. Tom would you need to match the Red Blue Green histogram for a better image. Or is it just saying what colors are there in the shot. Plus if you need to match whats the best way to do this 🙂

  2. Hi~~~I'm very interested in your film school DVD…
    but the price with shipment is a little high…
    I was wondering, would you mind offering a digital version of it?
    still pay for it, but we just download to our computer….
    I think the price may be down a little bit….XD

  3. @TheCoalitionDigital I upload my CUSTOM PICTURE STYLE that i created using the Canon EOS software. Cinema 5D website has a great post on their forum that explains everything. It works the same for the 5D, 7D, T2i, 550D, 60D etc. They all use the same picture styles

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