Creating a Character Rig – Part 3: Torso IK controls, rotation orders, and twist (Advanced)

(Note: Due to the custom nature of this rig, it’s really ideal for film / tv / animation. For a rig more optimized for video games, go here instead: Files used:

This movie shows you how to create IK control curves for your IK spine, set the proper rotation orders for them, and add twist via the ikHandle attributes.

Level: Intermediate
Recorded in: Maya 2013


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  1. 7:00 – 컨트롤러 별 짐볼 축 설정 : zxy. 조인트 축도 똑같이 변경.
    7:51 – 컨트롤러, 조인트 순으로 선택 후 constrain -> parent
    8:40 – IK 핸들을 outliner에서 선택, Attribute Editor -> IK solver Attributes -> Advanced Twist Controls -> Enable Twist Controls에 체크. world up object 1, 2에 각각 hip_bind_JNT, shoulder_bind_JNT 입력. World Up type을 object Rotation Up(start/end)로 설정.
    10:00 – Up Axis를 negative Y로 설정, UP Vector 가운데 값을 -1로, UP Vector2는 가운데를 0으로, 세번째를 -1로 수정.

  2. just fyi for future comments that prob have a problem with this: I had to set my up vector to 1, -1, 0 and my up vector 2 to 0, 0, -1 for everything to turn/work properly on my 2019 version of maya! Thank you for the tutorials though! I'm learning so much!

  3. I'm using maya 18 and I can't use V + Middle Mouse to snap cube or curve to hip_bind_JNT or any point. I must use V + Left Mouse to drag cube into the joint. Did anyone know how to solve this?

  4. Everything is going good till i enable twist control….. because when i do enable it, the side bend is also turning into a twist.. ( it's twisting fine and forward – backward bend is good too but my side bend is gong changing it to twist when ever i try…) What do you think am i doing wrong?

  5. Hey there, thanks for the video. I know this is….5 years old at this point, but I noticed that you are really good at replying to people here. I just started this, so everything is pretty straightforward and the bind joints affect the IK spline handle properly, but the parented controls don't affect the bind joints at all when rotating, and they just shake the body strip when I move the controls. I've seen other tutorials use Point Constraints and Orient Constraints. Have Parent Constraints changed over these 5 years or have I messed something up? Thanks again!

  6. I manually changed the local rotation axis of my should bind joint to be consistent with my hip bind joint. However, i find that entering up vector values of Y = -1 and Z = -1 (in up vector 1 and 2 respectively) gives me the desired twist results while entering a value of Y = -1 (for both up vector fields) does not. Why would this be?

  7. Hi,

    I have an Ik spline spine set up for a Trex rig. I have parent constrained clusters translation to my controllers, but when I then parent the controllers to my main centre of gravity control, and rotate it, the spine bends. I'm struggling to get my head around how to set it up properly. Thanks

  8. Hi, I noticed that if rotation axis are not aligned with world space axis ( for example, FK controls on hand and figures), rotation axis will be matched to world space axis after freeze transforms and they loose their original transformation. Someone suggested to grp controls before snapping it to destination from origin and than freeze the transformations. What do you think about that?

  9. Hello! I have a trouble with my EP Curve Tool: when I press V and click the mouse in the corner of the cube, it makes curve outside the cube and it doesn't work on cube corners. Please help me to fix it.

  10. Question: when I do the twisting thing, all my pieces of geometry twist in different directions and its like that even after I finish the process. I checked to make sure all my local rotation axis are the same as yours, and I also checked to make sure "automatically orient joints" is turned off. What should I do?

  11. I have a quick question: At 10:30 when I ajust my up vector 2 to negative 1, my geometry twists out of place, and I can't twist it back. I followed your videos along and everything was going great till now. What should I do?

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